REO Asset Management

  • We know you don't have time to micro­manage the details. Instead, Goodman Dean frees you to focus on your core business by expertly handling every aspect of the asset management and disposition process—solutions that allow your workforce to be more productive and reduce your overall expenses.

  • Property Preservation and Maintenance
    Upon vacancy, a Goodman Dean representative rekeys and secures the property. Existing or potential hazardous conditions are identified for immediate mitigation. Trash and debris are removed and maintenance services are initiated. Our priority is to prevent property deterioration.

  • Analysis of Condition, Value and Marketing Strategy
    Once the property is stabilized, a full evaluation is performed that details market information as well as the condition of the property. Additionally, itemized repair recommendations and costs are provided. A Goodman Dean Account Coordinator (licensed real estate professional) applies his or her expertise to design a marketing plan specific to the property.

  • Marketing and Management
    At your direction, the marketing plan is implemented. We monitor our vendors who must adhere to strict guidelines: frequent communication, monthly reports, photos of the property, copies of advertising and written updates. If the property is occupied, Goodman Dean is positioned to collect rents, respond to tenant requests, administer cash for keys and coordinate evictions.

  • Negotiation and Sale
    Goodman Dean Account Coordinators are experts in the art of negotiation. Supported by the data accumulated during the various stages of management, we negotiate contracts to maximize your net proceeds. Historically, our sales price and days-on-market averages are some of the best in the industry.

  • Closing and Documentation
    We present offers to you along with an estimate of the net proceeds and a recommended counter offer. Upon acceptance, we select a closing agent, monitor contract contingencies, review closing documents for accuracy and provide final documentation to you. Each Account Coordinator strives to find ways to close transactions ahead of schedule. This proactive approach embodies the Goodman Dean philosophy of service.

Asset Management Picture
Each Account Coordinator strives to find ways to close transactions ahead of schedule.